HTML5 acts as a ubiquitous podium on the web for game development. HTML5 introduces many cutting-edge features that enable HTML5 game developers to develop apps and games that are fast, interactive, beguiling, and responsive. Features like rich 2D & 3D graphics, quality Audio APIs, and offline asset storage enable creating games that are seductive and compelling with a reach beyond imagination.

Some tools enable developers to build eye-catchy and engaging games based on HTML5. Here’s a list of some tools that are widely used for HTML5 game development.

1) WebGL Inspector

It is an amazing tool that lets you dig deep down into your webGL calls and have a look at what’s exactly happening. It was designed to make the task of development of webGL application more simplified and easy.

2) LimeJS

It is a framework that allows for the development of native HTML5 based games in no time. Games developed using the LimeJS framework does not require any additional plug-ins or software installation to run. All it needs is a modern web browser.

3) GameMaker

GameMaker is one of the oldest and favorite tool for fast and cross-platform HTML5 mobile game development. It is a preferred choice for both the newbies and veterans in developing social and casual games of desktop, iOS, and Android within tight time schedules and at a fraction of cost.

4) ImpactJS

ImpactJS is a commercial HTML5 game engine. It is one of the best ways to create stunning and spellbound games for mobile and desktop browsers. It offers unmatched flexibility and lets the developers turn their wild imaginations into reality. It even allows HTML5 game developers to publish their games on the App store.

I’m quite sure that as an HTML5 game developer, you would have used these tools to create captivating and fun-filled games. If you have used any other tools to create unique and innovative games for iPhone, iPad, and Android, please suggest them in the comment section below.